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offer a wide range of potent advertising solutions…

Online Advertsing

Online advertising is a great place to start in the marketing world, it is also a fantastic “add-on” for your Radio advertising campaign.

Radio Advertising

With radio advertising you are front and center in the listener’s attention span when your ad is on the air, With radio, you are always on the front page.

Television Advertising

Advertising on television offers the chance to reach mass audiences because watching TV is the nation’s most common leisure activity.

Outdoor Advertising

Since billboards can be placed in areas chosen by clients, it will be easier for companies to reach a particular or specific consumer group to sell their services and products to.
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Branding Corporate Identity


Become A Household Name

Establish your corporate identity with the help of our expert branding creative team. Integrated Advertising Solutions is a brand design agency that will do more than just design a company logo for you.

Let Us Help

The fact of the matter is, there is no way you can stay connected and in tune with your business while spending so much attention on the one thing that is actually supposed to make you money and not waist your valuable time…

Our Mission

Our mission is to delight our clients and ourselves with remarkably creative marketing communications that drive customer engagement and sales through whatever channel.

Up To Date

The Company Always Evolves To Offer Better Services

From media buying to campaign planning, strategizing, creative development even outdoor events. We make sure that we keep up with ever changing trends so that u don’t have to. Our energetic staff submits weekly even day request to the different medium sectors for up and coming specials to assure that our clients enjoy the best prices with every campaign.

What Our Clients Say

Morné Sevenster - Manager / Big Man Outfitters

“I.A.S is a very professional marketing solution that has assisted us, Big Man Outfitters to gain phenomenal results through their ideas, designs and commitment. As a client I will not use a different marketing company to assist us. Very professional, deliver on time, under promise and over deliver. We gained huge marketing share through using them and increased sales to phenomenal highs. They create a proffesional friendship enviroment and they ensure that they get to know your business intimately to make the right decisions from a marketing point of view. Integrated Advertising Solutions, Big Man Outfitters salute your friendship and service. Thank You.”

Leonie Voster - Founder & Owner / One For All Supplements

“Without Integrated Advertising Solutions, One For All Supplements would not have existed. Dihan Meyer helped my business to flourish through his advertising suggestions. These days, I.A.S produces excellent video and radio advertisements, not to mention the witty interviews being broadcast on various radio stations. With the great advice , helpfulness and friendliness you receive at I.A.S, one can not fail to do well!”

Christiaan de Beer - Manager / Randbond Property Finance

“A Big thankyou to the guys at Integrated Advertising Solutions (IAS) for great service and unsurpassed advice. You are always willing to go that “extra mile” and that is a rare quality these days. We are looking forward to a long and prosperous Business Relationship. Keep up the good work.”

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